Prank Hack

Just a heads up, the link you typed is not valid.
It's NOT PrankHack, it's HackPrank!


There are other online prank hack websites, for example you might want to try Hacked Screen that is available in many languages.

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Remember the Name

Prank Hack is actually Hack Prank written reversed. Please make sure to write it correctly the next time: HackPrank!

Feature 02 Feature 02


The online hacker simulators are usually interactive. Click around to see what you can play with.

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Ther MVP

The most popular and indisputably the best hacker typer is available for free at Pranx.
You should definitely try it out.

Get it and Switch

If you're still here, at the wrong address then I'm going to give you a little help.
All you have got to do is click the link below and you'll be redirected to HackPrank, NOT PrankHack!